LED-Man's Big Questions 28/08/15

28 August 2015

LED-Man's Big Questions 28/08/15
LED-Man's Big Questions 28/08/15
We end the working week with an edition of LED-Man's Big Questions. This week he is helping with LED dimmer switches, glass bulbs and floodlights. Q:I have a light with GU10 fittings - but a couple of the LED's I've tried for it don't actually fit because they widen out too quickly. Which of your GU10's has the longest narrow fitting bit at the bottom? A: The 4 watt GU10-320

Q: Do you sellLED small screw candle clear glass bulbs? A: Yes, we have standard and flame tip, 2 watt filament type with a great retro look:
See our full range of LED Filament bulbs here > Q: Do your lamps work with Lightwave dimmers. A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee compatibility with all LED dimmer switches. We recommend the Varilight V-Pro, available in white, brushed metal or chrome, one or 2 gang:
LED dimmer switches
Q:What is the difference between MR11 and MR16? A: These are both low voltage spotlights. The MR11 has a diameter of 35mm, with 1mm between the pins, and the MR16 has a diameter of 50mm between the pins. Q: What is the range of the sensor on the floodlights? A: 3-12m Q:Can I dim my LED strip? A: Yes, with a dimmable transformer, and a standard rotary dimmer. However, multi colour strip can be dimmed via the remote controller, so there is no need for a dimmable transformer.
20W Dimmable Transformer
60W Dimmable Transfomer
See our full LED Strip light range here > Q: Can I use 12v LEDs in my caravan or on my boat? A: Yes. You can connect to a regulated 12v supply, (but not a 24v supply) I hope these answers have helped. If you'd like LED-Man to answer your big questions next week leave it in the comments below.