Sarah Beeny’s 5 Savvy Tips On LED Lighting

27 August 2015

Sarah Beeny’s 5 Savvy Tips On LED Lighting
Sarah Beeny’s 5 Savvy Tips On LED Lighting
Sarah Beeny is well-known for her property and interior design expertise, coming to national prominence on shows such as Property Ladder, Property Snakes &Ladders and Double Your House for Half the Money. With lighting being an integral part of any interior, Sarah was an ideal choice to partner-up with us at LED Hut. A good lighting scheme can truly transform a room, even making it multi-functional. And the aesthetics of lighting weren’t the only attraction to Sarah either as LED lighting has many practical benefits over traditional lighting and even CFLs too. Here are Sarah's 5 Savvy Tips for switching to LED bulbs:
  • Enormous Saving “Did you know you could be saving 90% on your lighting bills if you switched to LEDs?"
  • Longevity “Long-lasting LEDs can keep going for up to20 years! This will stop you from constantly changing blown bulbs”
  • Easy Installation “Do you think you need an electrician to install your LEDs for you? Think again! LEDs simply replace your old bulbs in the same fittings you have now!”
  • Need some help? “Not sure which bulbs you need? Our handy bulb selector is here to help you select the shape, fitting and colour you require. Click here to try>.”
  • Savings Calculator “Making the switch to LEDs will save you money as soon as you use them. Our calculator can tell you how much.See how much you could be saving here.”

"The savings are enormous, and if we can get one million homes to make that all important switch, then collectively we’d be able to save millions on our electric bills"

Hopefully Sarah's tips have given you more information on why LEDs are the only choice when selecting your lighting and why upgrading has so many benefits. To make the switch visit our site here>