Light Up Your Garden This Summer

19 June 2015

Light Up Your Garden This Summer
Light Up Your Garden This Summer
Now summer is here it's time to make the most of your garden and outdoor space. LED Garden lighting is the perfect way to prolong your garden parties, BBQs and cosy nights outside. LED lighting has many other benefits too, the biggest being that they use less energy, save you money and they're friendlier to the environment. Our solar range also has a variety of stylish products that have absolutely no running costs at all. To give you an idea of how you can get creative with LED and solar garden lighting, we've put our range to the test to show you how they look in situ. Chinese Lanterns These 10 Chinese lanterns combine traditional oriental style with modern solar LED technology. They span 5.5 metres so can be used to line walls or fences, wrapped around objects and structures or spread across spaces to give overhead light. Chinese Latern 1 They are also available in a larger size in packs of 4. These lanterns can be singly hung around the garden in different areas or clubbed together for the kaleidoscopic 'Chinatown carnival' effect.
solar-lantern-big copy IMG_7751
The mix of colours really brighten up a garden and look striking against a summer’s night sky. More Product Info Click Here Directional Solar Spike Lights Directional spike lights are perfect for highlighting flower beds, fountains, plants or even your prized gnomes... The solar panels charge through the day and light up at night. And being wire-free they're simple to install, you just push the spike into the ground and adjust the head to where you want the light to focus, so you have complete flexibility.
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More Product Info Click Here Solar Wall Sensor Light While not as glamorous as its decorative counterparts, the solar war light comes with a built-in sensor and automatically turns on as you approach, so it's pretty intuitive. It's also ideal for those times when you come back late after a 'few' drinks and need to find your house-keys. Solar Wall Light + Motion Sensor 2 There are plenty of other uses too, such as lining them up along a walk way that will then light up in sequence as you stroll through it. This is perfect for security, especially in secluded paths and alleys. More Product Info Click Here Solar Clip On Lantern Traditional design meets modern technology with this Victorian garden light. The attached clip allows you to fasten and hang it to many areas and objects in your garden, including; parasols, tree branches, gazebos, washing lines, gates & fences, tree houses and sheds.
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As the sun sets the lantern candle lights up creating a warm and subtle light. The clip is easily removed so you can make the lantern part of a table setting for summer BBQs. More Product Info Click Here IMG_7705 Solar Table Lantern This lantern is the perfect accompaniment to a summer’s night alfresco dining. You have a choice of colours so it is an attractive product even when not on. The handle also gives you the flexibility to hang this solar light.
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More Product Info Click Here As you can see our Solar Lighting range has a multitude of uses, from the functional to the stylish. If you've found any cool and creative ways of displaying your garden lighting, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section below.