LED-Man’s Big Questions 22/06/15

22 June 2015

LED-Man’s Big Questions 22/06/15
LED-Man’s Big Questions 22/06/15
LED-Man strikes again with this week's big questions. Today he looks at dimmable MR16s, tubes and new gadgets. Q: Are your MR16s dimmable? A: Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer to this; some LED MR16 are, some aren't. Please check the product description before ordering. The tab labelled "technical information" contains this information.


When you find your dimmable MR16, in addition, you will need a dimmable LED transformer and a trailing edge dimmer switch.

Q: Can I replace my fluorescent tubes with LEDs? A: Yes. Our LED tubes can be used in place of fluorescents with some minor modification to the fittings; the ballast needs to be bypassed and the fuse installed in the place of the starter. Q: Do I get a discount for a large order of GU10s? A: Our prices are already competitive, and offer discount codes on orders of 10 or more.


We also have multipacks available: Q: I ordered the wrong size of fitting, what can I do? A: Don't worry. Please get in touch either by phone (0800 458 3440)or email and we will advise you on the returns procedure and discuss alternatives at the same time. See our returns page here as we offer a 30 day no-quibble service. Hopefully these tips and answers have helped. If you have any questions about LED that you would like LED-Man's help with please leave a comment below or contact us.