How To Make The Most Of Our New Solar Lantern

3 June 2015

How To Make The Most Of Our New Solar Lantern
How To Make The Most Of Our New Solar Lantern
We’re pleased to introduce our new versatile solar LED lantern. This product comes with many functions, can be powered in several ways and you can use it in any location no matter the weather, terrain, time of year or facilities. So, how can you make the most of this handy lantern and its many functions? Firstly, it has an IP55 rating meaning it can withstand splashes, dust and other airborneparticles, so it'll give you outdoor light whenever you need it. It also has four methods of power to give you flexibility with how and where you can recharge it, including; mains, solar panel, wind-up and battery.
Theresourcefulness of this lamp makes it perfect for camping, power cuts, BBQs, car emergencies, dog walking, attics & cellars, fishing, boating, sheds & outbuildings. Solar-lamp-loft
Solar-Lantern-power-cut camping-solar-lantern
fishing-solar-latern BOILER-ROOM-SOLAR-LAMP
Solar-lamp-car2 bbq-solar-lantern
It even comes with a 5V USB port that'll charge most smartphones - a feature you'll be eternally grateful for in the future no doubt. And, like with the lantern itself, you can charge the phone in multiple ways (mains, solar panel, wind-up and battery), making it ultra-convenient.
IMG_7646 IMG_765.0 IMG_7654
The USB port isn’t solely for charging mobile phones. You can power or charge an array items with it, including Sat Navs, batteries, Ipad, Mp3 player, laptop or e-cigarette. IMG_7665 4 ways of charging:
  • Solar Power
  • Manually by winding handle
  • Mains Power
  • Battery
IMG_7636 As you can see this is a truly versatile product, whether you're at home, work, on the move or outdoors. The solar, wind up, battery and mains recharge/power capabilities means it can come to the rescue anywhere, any time. Also, because it features a USB charger, you can power or charge a multitude of different products, including your mobile phone, which when you're wet, hungry, your tents just blown away and you're battery's dead, becomes the most indispensable thing in your backpack.... If you can think of any uses we've missed off, let us know in the comment section below. See the full specification or to buy Shop Now