GET CREATIVE – Twig/Branch Lights Part 1

5 June 2015

GET CREATIVE – Twig/Branch Lights Part 1
GET CREATIVE – Twig/Branch Lights Part 1
Welcome to our latest installment of Get Creative and our first look at Branch Lights. Bringing natural materials indoors has always been popular with interior desingers because you can create a warm, comfortable feel in any area. A popular practice is to bring otherwise ordinary items - such as vases and bowls - to life with twig and branch lights that evoke a romantic log-cabin feel. The subtle illumination creates a welcoming atmosphere instantly and works to great effect when used to complement a natural rustic decor Firstly, we'll look at the traditional partnership of twig/branch lights situated inside an otherwise mundane glass vase. Tried and tested? Yes. Ever-effective? Definitely. See what we did below:
twig-light-vase branch-light-vase
Next, we went for something a little different and turned a pair of wellies into a lighting-centerpiece for a unique and quirky-look. The beauty of these versatile branch lights is that your imagination is at the heart of how you use them.
branch-light-wellies twig-light-wellies
We have an eclectic range of LED branch lights at LEDHut; from natural twigs and faux-berries, to LEDs enclosed in different casings and coloured options. Let your personality, mood or décor shine with your selection. Here's a Valentine’s scene that shows how these lights can contribute to a romantic setting, especially when you use a selection of different branch lights, vases and even LED real wax candles to round off the look. IMG_6610 Throwing a Christmas party? Then our large silver branches coupled with coloured baubles is perfect for the festive party look. Even outside of the winter months, these lights can be used all year round to add a spash of glamour and glitz to your home.
IMG_4897 IMG_4905
Repurposed wood can be utilised in many other ways to create a multitude of items and design features throughout the home. Some examples include; staircases, fireplaces, shelving, artwork, bookends, furniture, frames and tables. When used in conjunction with branch/twig lights, the homely, rustic look will come to life.
natural-wood-interiors natural-wood-mirror
reclaimed-wood-table twig-stairs