The reaction to Philips Hue on social media

24 April 2017

Philips Hue Logo
Philips Hue Logo
Philips Hue is a range of smart lighting products that truly makes your home lighting smart. Being able to change and programme colour and shade, and control it all from your phone and other devices, has really sparked the interest and creativity across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube users. Below are some of our favourites:
Philips Hue Social Post
Shane is loving the range of colours Philips Hue offers and the ease at which you can set up and and control it.
Philips Hue Social Post
We love Bryon’s description of the Philips Hue being, "...the most complex, easy automation system." We’re taking this as the system is complex in it’s capabilities but simple in it’s use.
Philips Hue Social Media Reaction
Great to see that having smart lighting is making Nic’s life easier. Controlling your lighting from your seat or even when out of the house has huge advantages.
Philips Hue Instagram Post
Some "mega impressed" people here on Instagram with the colour effects they’ve created.
Philips Hue Social Post
Michele is using Hue to match the colour scheme on the new Star Wars film. We hope the broken heart is fixed too.
Philips Hue Social Media Comment
Maybe the perfect Instagram picture: Cute dogs and Philips colour changing lighting!
Philips Hue Instagram Post
It’s nice to see different people’s colour preferences. Alicia’s is definitely lilac. What would yours be?
Philips Hue Multi-colour Image
Lovely effect here from Ted. Why pick one colour when you can have five!
White Amazon Echo Image
Philips Hue can be controlled by lots of devices, not just your phone. Henrik has connected his to an Amazon Echo so he can select his lighting preferences by voice.
Philips Hue YouTube Demo
An awesome lighting scheme to match this awesome apartment. Not sure which is more impressive.
The ease at which Philips Hue can be set up and used seems to be the most common takeaway. You can add smart lighting to your home with minimal effort and technical know how. The Philips Hue starter kits are the best way to begin as they have everything you need to get set up. Then you simply build from there.