Night Lights Save Bedtime

2 May 2017

Night Lights Save Bedtime
Night Lights Save Bedtime
All parents out there have experienced hard nights with their children and dreamt of a hero coming along to save the day. Well, we are here to help! We now supply a selection of the fabulous Star Wars, Marvel and Disney night lights; perfect for the task in hand. Whether they are for your little one's bedroom or your ‘get away’ man cave, these 3D ​night lights are the perfect night time treat. Star Wars gif If you struggle to get your child off to sleep at night, our band of heroes are here to save bedtime. Allow your children to charge into battle and lead their dreams to victory with whichever night light hero they choose. We all have our favourites but our range covers the Star Wars, Marvel and Disney Universes meaning we have your child’s number one choice covered. Who’s to say your preference is for the good guy, we’ve also a night light for the most popular villains. At bed time, Darth Vader taking you to the dark side makes sense!

Star Wars night lights

Our soft glow lights will help your children sleep right through, enabling you to get a full night's sleep! If you need to check on your little ones, you can avoid tripping over endless toys, being able to walk through your tot's bedroom safely for once. Also nightlights have a practical side to, providing a sense of security if your youngest has a fear of the dark. They avoid the harshness of your main light and save on energy too. Don't Be Left Out In The Cold The Disney sensation that has had kids dancing and singing for the past 4 years can also become part of their bedtime routine. Elsa, Olaf and the gang will bring light and joy to any child’s bedroom. Why not pick the night light projector that lets you select a loved screen to be shown on a wall or ceiling.

Disney Frozen night lights

What a MARVELous Idea

We also have your child's favourite super hero ready to fly themaway while they sleep! If you are experiencing world war 3 battles with your tiny tot not wanting to go to bed, the Avengers are on hand to lend a help. Treat your Marvel fan to any of these nightlights and they may just help you in your sleepless situation! Kids will be excited to go to bed for once! Marvel gif

Marvel night lights

Even if you’re an adult, you may have a secret room that you like to escape too. Why don’t you bring out your inner child and treat yourself to aSpiderman night light. You might also want to fill up your games room with Marvel memorabilia. Any of them would be a perfect gift to kit it out. These night lights aren’t the only area we’ve looked in to children’s sleeping routines, we did a study on how the bedtime routine has been effected by modern life. See our Lights Out Survey here >> LED Hut lights out survey image