Seven Stunning Looks Created with Edison Style LED Filament Bulbs

2 August 2017

LED Filament Bulbs
LED Filament Bulbs
Lighting isn’t just a background necessity in a room, it can be part of and enhance a particular look and design you wish to create. Edison style LED filament bulbs are very popular due to their aesthetics and versatility to help compliment several interior styles. See below the diverse decors Edison bulbs suit.

Warehouse Industrial Style Lighting

This style originated from conversions of lofts, factories and warehouses in to homes, bars and restaurants. It’s so popular that the look has been reproduced in traditional homes and businesses too. Bare brick and metal are the main components of this style due to the raw materials in these reclaimed buildings. Industrial style lighting carries on these traits with metal lamps and simple pendants. Original practical industry needed hard wearing and no frill lighting which meant exposed bulbs and no shading. LED filament bulbs are the perfect modern replica of this. Industrial LED Filament Bulbs

Traditional Style Lighting

Many people prefer a more conservative, traditional décor, that doesn’t age or become unfashionable. Within this broad spectrum of design, furniture and decoration can vary widely, but lighting remains fairly consistent. Light fittings stick to the traditional and if a new item is purchased it will look similar to older pieces, meaning the bulbs used also need to look similar. LED lighting is the future but the first LED bulbs looked different to traditional halogen and incandescent counterparts. This is why LED filament bulbs are perfect - they have all the advantages of LEDs but with the look of a more traditional bulb. The best example is that LED filament candles perfectly match chandeliers and wall lights. Traditional LED Filament Bulbs

Scandinavian Look

This could also be classed as modern as several styles use the same fundamentals. The look relies on clean lines, limited colour and simplicity. Scandinavian design can be applied in any home, from a new building with the décor matching its age, or giving a period home a modern twist. Light forms an important part of modern Scandinavian design to compliment the clean look and feel. Light fittings match the clean minimal design and require a simplistic bulb. Filament LED bulbs look clean and stylish even when not turned on so suit the Scandinavian décor perfectly. Below bare globe filament bulbs look like a piece of design in their own right. Scandinavian LED Filament Bulbs

Rustic Design

Rustic design takes its look from nature using natural materials and colours. The style is mainly found in farm houses, cottages and period properties. Wood and stone play a large part in both the practicality and aesthetics of this décor choice. The feel of this style is of the reclaimed & vintage and the lighting needs to reflect this. Rustic lighting can be either antique fittings or modern with a rugged twist. Either way the bulbs used need to look authentic and vintage for which Edison LED filament bulbs are perfect. Rustic LED Filament Bulbs


Steampunk is not just a décor it is also a lifestyle and fashion. It shares some elements of warehouse design but with deliberate differences. Steampunk is a concept of an alternative time when we were still industrial in both technology and style. This means it utilises lots of Victorian furniture and pieces. Lighting is very much part of this style and it’s common to fit upcycled and customised lamps and fittings to match the look. Steel piping is the most popular material resulting in many unique pieces. To give the authentic look it has to be an exposed Edison style bulb that looks like it could have been from the 19th century. Steampunk LED Filament Bulbs


This is a design that embraces a carefree lifestyle taking inspiration from a mixture of cultures. Due to this relaxed outlook and varied influences no bohemian room will look the same but at the same time will share many similarities. Many vintage items will be used in this decoration choice with lighting being no exception. The individuality and authenticity of this décor craves a simpler time with tradition lighting. LED filaments encapsulate this traditional look but with the benefits of LED technology. Bohemian LED Filament Bulbs


A dark, luxurious look and feel is created by gothic décor. This design is usually best suited to large rooms to avoid the dark walls and furnishing making it uncomfortable to be in. Although mostly found in traditional surroundings, the gothic look can also be achieved in more modern settings adopting the same principles with contemporary furniture and accessories. Lighting is very important in the gothic look to add mystery and also counteract the darkness created by the design. Light fittings will be grand and usually wrought or cat iron with chandeliers and candelabras being the most popular choice. Modern looking LEDs wouldn’t match this but the traditional looking LED Edison filament bulbs are perfect. To add an extra gothic feel why not try a frosted filament candle to give that ghostly look. Gothic LED Filament Bulbs Creating these stunning lighting designs can easily be done by addingEdison LED filament bulbs to either your existing decor or new interior ideas you have. Select from our range below