Ten Uses Of Battery Powered Floodlights

11 January 2017

Battery Powered Flood Lights
Battery Powered Flood Lights
Floodlights have been around for many years, but as useful as they are they can be limited, as they usually need mains power and fitting to a wall. Battery powered floodlights are far more versatile as they aren’t restricted by mains wiring to power them. Today we’ll look at how adaptable these lights are by showing you our top ten examples...

Light up your bins

It’s bin day and your better half has asked you to put them out but it’s cold, wet and worst of all dark so you can’t see what you’re doing. Our Mr Beams battery powered floodlights can be installed easily wherever you keep your bins, helping you take out the right colour. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-Bins-3

Lighting for your shed door

Sheds are generally away from the house where it’s hard to get power so a wireless light is perfect. Simply fit with our ground stake fitting, attach to a fence or to the shed itself. Now finding the lock and handle is a doddle on dark evenings. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-shed-6

Illuminate steps

Many gardens have steps, which can be treacherous to navigate in the dark. Battery powered floodlights can be added in a variety of ways to wherever your steps are. Here's two example of them in use.. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-steps-2

Add security lighting in awkward places

The beauty of battery powered floodlights is that they can be fitted almost anywhere. Attach them to your fence at the bottom of the garden, to a tree looking high over everything or in an allotment where there’s no power.

Illuminate your cat flap

If you love your feline friend you might want to help them get home of an evening. Effortlessly add a wireless battery light at the right height. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-cat-flap-5

Light up your driveway

You come home and the last thing you want to do is struggle getting your things out of the car, locking up and navigating to the front door all in the dark. Mr Beams networked floodlights can be synchronised to come on at the same time when one is activated.

Line a pathway

How many times have you stepped in a flowerbed trying to walk from the back gate to the house? Sensor lights triggering as you walk down your path will guide you safely, saving your Begonias on the way. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-path-1

When you don’t want to drill

Traditional security lights need to be drilled into a wall to be fitted, needing tools and expertise. Our battery powered security lights allow you to simply attach to a drainpipe making installation quick, easy and mess free. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-drain-pipe

Battery floodlights for outbuildings

Installing electrics in outhouses, garages and sheds can be hard and costly; but how else can you fit lights? Using a battery LED light is perfect in this scenario. You can have instant light without the hassle and cost.

Wide open areas

Needing to be close to a building for power and a surface to mount on can be an issue when trying to light an area. With a battery light placed in the ground you don’t need either of these. This is perfect for large gardens, parks or sports fields. Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-Garden-4 You may think that a battery light will only last 5 minutes before you need to change the batteries, but because they use powerful D-size batteries and the light is only used when the sensor detects motion, you will get plenty of use from it. You can see below how simply the whole light is put together... Battery-Powered-Flood-Lights-opened You can view our complete range of battery powered flood lights here.