The Brighter Britain Report - How Lighting Impacts our Lives

29 October 2018

Brighter Britain Report Header
Brighter Britain Report Header

The humble light bulb has been a driving force behind technological innovation throughout modern history. Despite this, its role in our day-to-day lives - particularly in our homes - is often taken for granted.

In this report we aim to lift the lid on the nation’s understanding of the importance of lighting in everyday life, and understand how a seemingly ordinary piece of equipment can positively impact the quality of daily life (in a number of ways).

The report explores the important role that lighting plays in the home, from allowing us to utilise and enjoy the available space to looking at how it makes us feel protected. We’ll also look at how lighting can positively impact wellbeing.

We surveyed 1,000 UK men and women aged 18 to 65. We asked respondents to consider their home lighting and answer questions on their choices, noting the impact of the types of lighting they had chosen, with some interesting findings.

According to the research, it’s clear that lighting plays a subtle but hugely integral role in our lives, from making us feel more protected….

Lighting as a security measure stat

To positively impacting our wellbeing….

Lighting for improved wellbeing stat

The infographic below summarises our findings, and you can download the full pdf report here.

Lighting Survey Infographic