Worktops Under the Lights: Three Shimmering Style Ideas

9 November 2018

Kitchen Lighting Featured Image
Kitchen Lighting Featured Image

Undoubtedly the most vibrant room in your home, the kitchen is a place where mess is made and conversation created around food and drink. So, whatever you’re cooking up in your kitchen, selecting a worktop surface that will still shine after years of family dinners and lighting that brings out the best of your space during gatherings will make all the difference to your home’s aesthetic. In today’s post, we’re exploring a variety of different types of worktop and the effect that the right type of lighting can have on your kitchen. From presenting your modern appliances in the best possible light to making your kitchen island glow under warm fluorescence, carefully curating your choice of worktops and lighting is key to creating a stunning interior.

Natural and warm family tones

For rustic interiors that bring a down-to-earth feel to your family kitchen, opt for the unique patterns found in a granite worktop. Covering a diverse range of neutral tones and colours - from speckled whites and spotted golds to bold emerald blacks - this sturdy, natural-looking stone will become the perfect worktop to complement your kitchen. When picking the right lighting for your natural-toned worktop, we’d recommend trying copper and gold fittings to contrast against the darker shades in your worktop. Using a gold suspended ceiling fitting, for example, will create warmer tones in your kitchen as the metallic hue fuses with the light.

Bright white elegance

For those looking to keep their communal kitchen area as crisp and sleek as possible, an all-white interior will, of course, add a natural lightness and contemporary shine to the space. While a totally white space has the potential to look bold and bare, by installing a solid quartz worktop and warmer lighting choices, your elegant kitchen can become a vibrant and homely space. Try using a natural wood and brushed steel light fixture in your kitchen to ensure that your ice-white room has a touch of minimalist colour, without deflecting the attention away from your other fittings. To take this to the next level, why not choose a marble-effect surface and wooden ornaments? Not only does this look good, but it will leave your busy kitchen feeling less like a showroom and more like the dream home you intended it to be.

Bold black contrast

Alternatively, if a bright white space fills you with a fear of stains and spillages, then you might be tempted to choose a dark kitchen worktop instead.

Using either a matt surface with glimmering appliances on top of it or an already shiny granite worktop, a dark kitchen look is the epitome of contemporary style and will, therefore, keep your room looking fresh for years to come.

The noir theme can be carried over from your worktops onto your cabinets and floors, or you can create a bold contrast by making them white - or you could even switch the colour scheme around and install white worktops and black cabinets and floors instead.

Don’t be afraid to run with a night-sky theme when it comes to your lighting by highlighting your bold black kitchen with complementary white spotlights. Either dotted on top of your ceiling in a unique arrangement or aligned perfectly to reach all parts of your room, a crisp white light will make your black kitchen both beautiful and elegant - perfect for important social gatherings over the festive season to come.

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It’s the place you turn to for a warm home-cooked meal after a long day at work and where your whole family gathers during the ‘rush hour’ of the morning.

The lights and type of worktop you choose to use in your kitchen are among the first things you’ll notice when walking into the room - therefore, when looking to redecorate your space, consider these first to ensure your most used space is a room you cherish.