The Nation's opinions about Christmas decorations

12 November 2015

The Nation's opinions about Christmas decorations
The Nation's opinions about Christmas decorations
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that sentiment is never truer then when talking about Christmas lightsand decorations. After all, one man's tinsel heaven is another man's festive hell, so we decided to take the divisive question of taste to the streets and find out the Nation's opinions about Christmas decorations. We carried out a survey asking 2,000 Brits the big questions: When do your put up your Xmas lights? What are your favourite and most hated decorations? Below are our findings...

When do you put up your decorations?

You may be surprised to hear that 10% of people put their decorations and Christmas lights up before the end of November! Christmas-loving Londoners revealed to us that they’re the first to get into the festive spirit with almost one-in-seven putting their decorations up before November is over. when-put-up-christmas-decorations While most Brits dust-off their Christmas decorations in the second week of December, the Welsh are the most likely to leave it until the last minute, with more than a quarter waiting until the week before Christmas to deck their halls.

How old are your decorations?

Talking about dusting-off decorations, our report has discovered that 22% of people still use Christmas lights and ornaments they’ve owned for over ten years. Females are the biggest culprits, with 20% more women than men owning old decorations, some even from the last century! how-old-christmas-decorations-lights

What are your favourite & most hated Christmas Decorations?

Our survey covered the subject of the nation’s likes and dislikes when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations. Fairy lights and baubles came out as favourites, with nativity scenes and fake snow being the public's no-nos. Tinsel divided opinion though, and featured prominently in both the Nation's most hated and favourite lists. East Anglican’s are the region that love tinsel the most! People in the North East hate tinsel the most! fav-christmas-dceorations-lights

Do you like your neighbours taste in Christmas Lighting & Decorations?

We have looked into Brit’s personal habits and preferences when it comes to festive lights and décor, with many having strong views on other people's tastes. We asked the public if they ever found their neighbour's Christmas decorations and lights over the top and distasteful. More than one in four of us have taken a disliking to other’s tastes in decorating the exterior of their homes in the festive period. bad-christmas-lights The Northern Irish are most offended by their fellow man’s taste in Christmas lights and decorations. It's yet to be confirmed whether they have a penchant for the traditionally subtle, or if there's just more Irish with big and garish light schemes to dislike... The-nations-opinion-on-christmas-lights-decorations LED Hut have the most extensive range of Christmas lights around, including tree lights, branch, candle, outdoorand window lights. You can shop our full range of LED Christmas lights here.