This Week’s Big LED Questions – 07/05/15

7 May 2015

This Week’s Big LED Questions – 07/05/15
This Week’s Big LED Questions – 07/05/15
Our next edition of Big LED Questions is here, answering the most as questions of the week. Q: Can I run long lengths of colour changing LED strip? A: Absolutely, but for lengths of over 10m, we recommend that an amplifier be inserted to maintain the control voltage ,so that the strips remain in sync. Q: Can I replace my halogen G9s with LEDs? A: You certainly can. We have a range of LED G9s. The latest ones are much narrower with a 14mm diameter and so should fit into a variety of fittings. Check the dimensions in the product description under "see technical information" G9-new-and-old Q: I'm looking for something suitable for my bathroom. What have you got? A: Bathrooms and wet areas require IP65 rated fittings. We offer IP65rated downlight fittings for GU10 and MR16 spotlights. Within these there are also different options;
MR16 Fitting
BU10 Fitting
In addition we also have IP rated integrated downlighters:
9W Integrated Fitting
12W Intergrated Fitting
Q: How long is the cable from the transformer on the Plug and Play strip kits? A: 1m Q: How do I know if I have MR11 or MR16 spotlights? A: The MR11 has a smaller diameter of 35mm. The MR16 has a diameter of 50mm. Q: Do you sell 6ft LED tube lights? A: I'm afraid we have only 2ft, 4ft and 5ft tubes at the moment. As soon as a quality 6ft item becomes available we will be selling them. please keep checking the website. Q: Will the LED tubes just go straight into my existing fittings? A: In most cases yes. All you need to do is replace the starter with the enclosed fuse. You may need an electrician to bypass the ballast. Full instructions are included with the tubes. Q: What are your light colour temperatures? A: Cool white is 6000K, Daylight is 4000K and warm white is 3000K For more info on LED colours and kelvins see our article here Q: I don't know which LED floodlight to choose. What are the halogen equivalents? A: Our LED floods use much less power than the halogen floodlights. The equivalents are as follows:
LED Halogen Equivalents 10w LED = 80w halogen 20w LED = 100w 30w LED = 150w 50w LED = 250w 80w LED= 400w
Q: Which is better, GU10 or MR16? A: Good question. MR16 is a low voltage bulb and requires a transformer, so if you are swapping over from halogen to LED, a transformer change will also be necessary. GU10s on the other hand do not require a transformer, so are easier to replace. In addition, they do not cause interference with DAB or FM radio signals. If you have a choice we would recommend GU10s.