The complete guide to LED panel lights

13 May 2015

LED Panel Lights
LED Panel Lights

Why choose LED panel lights?

Super-efficient LED panel lights are the recommended replacement for antiquated, inefficient fluorescent lights, which are still used in businesses, offices and homes across the country. LED panels have a longer lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, and reduce power consumption by up to 45%, while delivering a better quality of light. Also, LED panel lights are like-for-like replacements for fluorescent tube and tray lighting, making installation quick and easy. Case study_ School for savings(2)

Where are LED panel lights used?

Their superior efficiency and performance makes LED panels a particularly popular choice for office spaces, retail units, schools and hospitals. As well as retrofit, they can also be specified in new-build applications.

Why are LED panel lights more efficient?

LED panel lights use integrated SMD (surface-mounted diode) technology, as opposed to fluorescence or filaments. This helps to produce powerful, high quality light at a fraction of the wattage (energy). For example, an 40W panel light - which can be used to replace 4 standard 18W T8 fluorescent tubes - will instantly cut energy use by 32W, while still delivering a brighter light. 600 x 600 LED Panel Light

What options do I have with LED panels?

There are new super-slim panelsavailable that are side-lit, and with wide-reaching beam angles. These models offer a more modern, high performance alternative to older panels that often use rear-lit technology. Panels sized at 595x595mm are consistently best sellers because they’re designed to replace standard 600x600m fluorescent troughs.
40 Watt LED Panel Light Technical Info
Lumens 3,800
Power Consumption 40 Watts
Beam Angle 120°
Size 595x595 mm
Replaces 4x 2ft T8 Tubes
Voltage 85-265
Average Lifespan 30,000
Colour Options Daylight or Cool White
*Based on the LUMiLife 40 Watt 595x595 LED Panel
There are many other LED panels on the market too, and LED Hut panel lights come with a compatible LED driver as standard.

How to install LED panel lights

Whilst LED panels are designed for suspended ceiling use (as a direct replacement for existing fluorescent troughs), many are also suitable for surface mounting or hanging from conventional ceilings. The good news for installers already used to working with fluorescents is that the fitting process is seamless – with no need for specialist tools, external product training or any extra installation time. LUMiLife LED panel lights come with a free five year warranty. You can view the full range here.