This Week’s Big LED Questions – 14/05/15

14 May 2015

This Week’s Big LED Questions – 14/05/15
This Week’s Big LED Questions – 14/05/15
Q: Can I swap MR16s for Gu10s? A: Absolutely. In most cases the two lamps are the same size or very similar, so you should be able to keep your existing downlight fittings. Simply bypass the transformer with a fly lead, as shown here: The reason you may want to swap MR16s for GU10s is the transformer. GU10s have built in drivers so are easier to fit. Q: What is your brightest GU10? A: Our 6 Watt has the highest lumen output, at 500 in cool white. You have the choice of the directional COB or standard retro-fit shape.
6W GU10
Q: I ordered "brushed metal" for my dimmer switch, but the packaging states "matt chrome" A: We sell the matt chrome as "brushed metal" to distinguish it from the "chrome" that we sell with a shiny appearance.
Brushed Metal/Matt Chrome
Q: Have you got any special offers? A: At the moment, strip lighting has been reduced by 15%. We also have discontinued items in the clearance section: Q: What colour temperature should I use for my kitchen? A: There is no right or wrong here. Warm White could be considered traditional, whereas Daylight and Cool White are brighter and more modern. If you are not sure, you can return items within 30 days for exchange. For more info on the difference between Warm, Cool White and Day Light see here