B15 LED Filament Bulbs

Directly replace your existing traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs with B15 LED filament bulbs and you will save up to 90% in your lighting costs. Identical in base and style to traditional light bulbs, they are easy to slot into place, just as you would when replacing any other light bulb. Our B15 LED filament bulbs are available in different shapes and sizes, including traditional rounded and candle models, so there’s an LED bulb to suit all your needs in our selection.

Varied options

Lumens between 150 and 850 are delivered by our LED filament bulbs with much lower wattages than their traditional incandescent counterparts. Depending on what brightness levels you require we have numerous options that act as ideal replacements for low or high light output.

Almost every B15 LED comes with additional options to truly match its style with that of your home. Lighting colours including warm and cool white along with dimmable options can all help create the perfect atmosphere. Different beam angles ensure the light emitted reaches as far or narrow as you desire as well.

Money-saving lighting

Replacing 40W bulbs with a B15 LED can cut your lighting bills by up to 90%. Their long-lasting capabilities, with a lifespan of around 25,000 hours, means that they’ll last for years, providing excellent value.

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