LED Candle Bulbs

Browse our attractive range of LED candle bulbs, ideal for low-energy domestic corner lighting and other home applications. Retrofit your Halogen bulbs and save money with low-wattage power consumption options that deliver equivalent brightness over a longer life-span.

Switch between practical bright lighting and warmer ambience glows with dimmable LED candle bulbs. We’ll help you to set the tone with a lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan of each bulb. Make sure you select the bulb cap to match your home fittings: E14, E27, B15, B22.

NOTE: for best results, pair your dimmable LED candle bulbs with a purpose-designed LED dimmer switch. Regular dimmer switches are not designed to cope with low power LED bulbs.

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What are LED Candle Bulbs?

Candle style bulbs are designed to provide you with decorative home-lighting solutions that deliver the look and feel of ambient candlelight. Our LED candle bulbs offer stylish versatility around the home, either as attractive single units in relaxation areas or when used to stunning effect in fittings that house multiple bulbs (such as electric chandeliers).

Why Choose LED Candle Bulbs?

LED candle bulbs can provide you with money-saving domestic lighting solutions across a range of interior applications, for example:

  • Bedside lights & cloakrooms
    Replace 40 W equivalent bulbs with 470-lumen candle bulbs
  • Table lamps, reading lights, small hallways
    Replace 60 W equivalent bulbs with 810-lumens candle bulbs

Living rooms, large hallways, and dining spaces may require above 1500-lumens of brightness - get creative with multi-candle bulb lighting fixtures for best results.