Wardrobe & Cupboard LED Lights

Browse our multi-purpose under cupboard LED lights for the perfect-fit lighting solutions to those difficult to illuminate areas - ideal for solving a range of illumination needs, including kitchens cupboards (i.e. LED cupboard lights), bedroom wardrobes, shelf lighting, and cabinet lighting. Our LED cupboard lights come with due consideration towards robust construction, allowing for finger touches and rudimentary dust protection (known as IP20 rated).

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Under cupboard LED lights - linkable lighting solutions

We understand that not all cupboards, shelving, and cabinet spaces are the same size. That’s why our LED cupboard lights are linkable, meaning you can create a chain of lights to suit your needs. Browse 300mm under cupboard LED lights, 343mm under cupboard LED lights, 500mm under cupboard LED lights, and longer 1130mm under cupboard LED lights.

LED cupboard lights - low power consumption

Depending on the level of strength of illumination that you require in terms of light intensity (measured in lumens), you may benefit from exploring a variety of money saving low wattage under cupboard LED lights. For example, check out 4W, 7W, and 14W LED cupboard lights for a range of lower to higher light intensity options.

Available in cool white

The colour temperature scale exists to give an indication of whether the light source will produce a warmer yellow/orange glow (towards the lower end of the scale), or whether the bulb will produce a clearer daylight effect. Under cupboard LED lights are available in cool white, helping to illuminate those darkened corners and recessed cavity spaces.