Choosing the Best Wireless LED Garden Lights for Your Garden

11 May 2017

Garden Lighting
Garden Lighting
Your garden, yard or decking is an extension of your house, and should be given just as much attention. This includes lighting if you want to enjoy your outdoor space in the evenings. We are now blessed with the range of options of garden lights available, but mains powered lights can be restrictive and hard to install; so today we’re looking at wireless garden lights that give you much more flexibility. If you want to position lights around your garden away from your home, run them cheaply and install them in minutes, then wireless garden lights are the best option for you; and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Battery garden lights

LED technology has brought forward the possibility of having battery lights in your garden. The small amount of energy needed to light LEDs means that batteries can provide great light quality for long periods of time. This also means that battery garden lights give you the opportunity to place lights wherever you like around your garden for various uses.
battery garden spike light Battery Garden Spike Light
Battery garden lights are perfect for security lighting, especially away from your house. Your battery will last longer if you only use your light when needed, and sensor responsive lights only turn on when reacting to movement in an area. Being wireless allow you place security and safety lighting on trees, fences, sheds and in the ground with spikes.
wireless battery security light Mr Beams Wireless Battery Security Light

Solar garden lights

Solar lights are a cost effective way of providing light around your garden. The sun charges your light during the day so it has power to provide wireless light when the sun sets. If you want light in your garden with no running costs then solar lighting is the best option for you. Solar garden lighting is perfect for decorative lighting that adds ambiance to your outdoor space. As soon as your BBQ or party gets to the evening your solar lights will automatically turn on, adding colour and a party mood. Here is a great example in solar Chinese lanterns.
Solar LED Chinese Lantern Solar LED Chinese Lanterns
Solar spike lights are ideal for lining paths and flower beds. Adding several lights in a line can really make a feature of an existing area of your garden. It can also add a level of safety, lighting your pathway when the evening comes.
LED Solar Spike Lights LED Solar Spike Lights

LED candles

Sometimes the old way is best. Candle light, although old fashioned, provides a cheap wireless light source. It also creates an atmosphere like no other. Candles can be used in a variety of ways providing both mood and practical lighting. Candle light has been brought in to the 21st century with flame flickering LED candles that look and act like candles, but with none of the drawbacks. With no naked flames or dripping wax you can safely place LED candles around your garden. You can choose between real wax candles or LED tea lights. Placing candles in lanterns is a great way to utilise them and create mood lighting. This could even be homemade lanterns or simply cleaned out jars. Get creative and put your own stamp on how you decorate and light your garden. To make things better there are solar LED candles built into lanterns ready for you to use. This gives you a wireless, safe garden light with no running costs.
LED Candle Lantern LED Candle Lantern
Now all is left is to pick the best wireless garden light option for you. Free yourself from the restriction of cables and take a look at our full garden range here.