LED-Man’s Big Questions 01/07/15

1 July 2015

LED-Man’s Big Questions 01/07/15
LED-Man’s Big Questions 01/07/15
Here to save the day again, your friendly LED-Man. Today he's combating issues on travel, transformers and downlights. Q:I have a thick ceiling.What is the distance from the back of the face of the short GU10 fitting to the bottom of the spring catch? A: 34mm Q: Have you got any downlight offers on? A: At the moment we are offering selected fittings and bulbstogether. See our Downlight section here: Q: This hot weather is great, but sometimes it's just too hot to walk anywhere. Have you any suggestions? A: Funny you should ask. Coming soon, we will have a 2 wheel electric scooter. Available to preorder now;


Q: Can I add extra lamps to my transformer that came with my decking light kit? A: Unfortunately not. The transformer is sufficient only for the lamps included in the kit. We have 4 and 6 lamp kits available, though. Q: Can you send my lamps to our house in France? A: Certainly. We will send to most places in Europe. Please get in touch to confirm whether there are any additional charges or go to our French site Q: Do you have an outside transformer that would drive five 12v 20w bulbs. The exciting transformer has just died. At the moment the bulbs are those small halogen but will also take LEDs when I get round to swapping them. A: We have an IP67 (water proof) transformer in 100 or 150 watts.
100w Driver
150w Driver
BUT... Bear in mind if you are swapping to LED, the wattage will be reduced,so you will not need such a large transformer.Roughly speaking, a 5 watt LED will replace a 50 watt halogen, so for 5 of those, a 30 watt transformer would be fine. See our help guide to transformers for more info. Q: I placed my order last night at 10 O'clock, when will I receive it? A: Orders placed after the4pmcutoff will be processed and dispatched the following day. We offer a Next Day & 48hr service.