Six Philips Hue Apps for Android That You Just Have to Try!

19 June 2017

philips hue android apps
philips hue android apps
While the native Philips Hue app offers great functionality, a host of third party developers have been throwing their hats into the ring, releasing their own apps for controlling the Hue smart lighting system. So whether you’re looking for practicality, entertainment or something to liven up a party, there should be something for everybody in this list.

#1 Hue Disco

hue disco android app 1 hue disco android app 2 hue disco android app 3
Developed by MediaVibe, Hue Disco enables you to turn any room into a dancefloor, by turning music into light. You set the colour range, brightness and microphone sensitivity, and the app will sync your lights to your music based on these settings. The app costs £2.99 and you can view a demonstration video and download the app here.

#2 Hue Matcher

hue matcher android app This is the Android equivalent of the popular Hue Camera app on iOS. The app changes your Hue lights to match the colours on your camera, in the form of either a still image or continuously. This enables you to automatically set mood lighting to match the colours on the screen of the film you’re watching, or quickly and accurately match the colour of your lighting to any colour you can photograph. Hue Matcher is free, and can be downloaded here.

#3 Hue Notification Switch

hue notification switch android app 1 hue notification switch android app 2 hue notification switch android app 3
The Hue Notification Switch app from Philipp Schumann brings a notification to your device that allows you to control your lighting; so you can switch your lights on and off, adjust the brightness and control individual lights from your notifications quickly, rather than opening an app. This is another paid app at £1.29, and can be downloaded here.

#4 Hue Pro and Hue Pro Tasker

hue pro android app 1 hue pro tracker android app
Hue Pro is a paid app costing £1.89. It provides all of the features of the standard Philips Hue app, with the additional features of being able to schedule events with alarms and timers. This allows you to programme your lights to behave in certain ways at specific times in the future. Hue Pro Tasker is a free add-on application to Hue Pro and provides additional automation functionality. It does this by allowing you to set triggers and actions, such as sunrise, sunset and notifications. The Hue Pro applications are provided by Prismatic LLC, and you can get started with them here.

#5 Hue Halloween

hue halloween android app 1 hue halloween android app 2
Another MediaVibe creation, Hue Halloween costs £2.09, and is a sound and effects application that combines your Philips Hue lights and your speakers to create a frightening atmosphere. Ideal for parties or practical jokes! You can see it in action here, and purchase and download here.

#6 hueManic

hueManic Android App 1 hueManic Android App 2 hueManic Android App 3
The final app in our list is a freemium application from Urbandroid Team that makes your Hue light bulbs dynamic. Rather than using pre-set static scenes, you can choose from a selection of dynamic scenes with hueManic. Some of the scenes available are Aurora, fireworks, thunder, party lights and fireplace. Learn more and download here.