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Ansmann are known in the battery industry as the rechargeable battery specialists. Synonymous with quality, their range of Ansmann NiMH batteries are used by professionals all over the world due to their reliability and performance. Ansmann NiMH batteries are available in the five most common sizes but the two most popular are Ansmann AA NiMH batteries and Ansmann AAA NiMH batteries. Here is a rundown of their other battery types:  AA Battery - Available in rechargeable and single-use, Ansmann AA Batteries are great for a wide range of uses. If you choose the rechargeable option, why not pair it with the Ansmann Photocam III Maxe Charger; it includes a fast charge and works with both AA and micro AAA. C - Like our AA batteries, the C battery is also available in rechargeable and single-use. Want to make sure you don’t run low any time soon? Why not pick up our 10 pack of Ansmann Industrial.  9V PP3 - 9V batteries are commonly used in many childrens toys and fire alarms. Pick yours up today from LED Hut and get free delivery when you spend over £30. AAA - The AAA Batteries from Ansmann come in 550, 800 and 1100amh and we also have the Maxe Pro whicha can be recharged up to 2100 times D - Although the C and D batteries are rated at 1.5 volts, the D is bigger in size and deliver more current than the C battery. Ansmann MaxE NiMH batteries combine the high capacity of regular Ansmann NiMH batteries and low-self discharge technology that means your batteries are ready to use straight from the pack and last much longer between charges when not in use.  In addition to Ansmann NiMH batteries they supply specialist rechargeable batteries for Ansmann camcorder batteries, Ansmann digital camera batteries and Ansmann mobile phone batteries.
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  • A27 Sized Battery
  • Alkaline Power Technology
  • Ansmann Range
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